There is just no way to fix your broken Hyundai Accent Cigarette Lighter, therefore, you should set up a new one as quickly as you can. Cigarette lighters are commonly found in dated models, so yours must be a very old part. The device uses electricity to light up cigarette sticks, allowing drivers to smoke anytime in their automobiles. Throughout the years, smoking's appeal has dropped around the world, prompting car manufacturers to avoid producing vehicles with actual lighters.

Cigarette lighters are almost totally absent in new cars that hit the automotive market. Car makers have substituted the dashboard lighter with a general receptacle that can power portable units such as media players or even laptops. The 12-volt receptacle may still be equipped with a separate lighter component that would allow the motorist to kindle cigarettes inside his vehicle. There's probably something wrong with your car lighter's electric circuitry if it's completely stopped working.

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