There's just no way to fix that malfunctioning Cadillac Dts Cigarette Lighter, so you have to install an all-new lighter immediately. Cigarette lighters aren't unusual in dated models, thus, yours must be a very old part. Smoking inside vehicles was once popular among drivers , so the cigarette lighter was extremely helpful. The lighter receptacle was later taken off from most recent car models because increasingly more people started to quit and refrain from smoking.

Most recent automobiles nowadays don't come with electrical features made mainly for lighting cigarettes. The lighter receptacle has been substituted with a 12-volt receptacle that is primarily used to power or charge up devices like portable media players and other electronics. The receptacle may still be fitted with an add-on lighter unit allowing the motorist to light up cigarettes in the compartment. When lighters act up, it is often due to problems in the automobile's wires or electrical system.

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