You know there's just no way to repair your broken Buick Riviera Cigarette Lighter, so you must set up an all-new lighter right away. There's a huge chance that your car's lighter receptacle has already ceased working 'cause lighters are components of dated cars. The part uses electric power to light up cigarettes, allowing motorists to smoke anytime inside their vehicles. Over the years, smoking's marketability has dropped around the world, encouraging car manufacturers to stop generating vehicles with cigarette lighters.

The latest vehicle models nowadays don't have electrical features made exclusively for lighting up cigarettes. The automobile lighter was substituted with a special receptacle that's mainly used to power or recharge devices like portable media players and small fans. There still are automotive lighters offered in the market though they usually don't come along with the vehicle. When dash lighters malfunction, it is often because of irregularities in the vehicle's current or electrical system.

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