A bad Bmw X3 Cigarette Lighter can't light up your cigarette regardless how you poke at the receptacle. Cigarette lighters are commonly found in dated vehicle models, so yours must be an old component. The lighter uses electric power to light cigarettes, allowing motorists to freely smoke inside their cars. The feature was eventually pulled from newer vehicle models as increasingly more people began to stop and disapprove of smoking.

Cigarette stick lighters are pretty much totally absent in new vehicles in the automobile market. The lighter receptacle has long been substituted with a special receptacle that is primarily used to power or recharge devices such as mobile phones and small motors. The new socket may still be fitted with an add-on lighter part which would allow the car owner to easily light most cigarettes inside his vehicle. When dash lighters fail, it is often because of irregularities in the car's wiring or electrical system.

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