Car Cigarette Lighters

It's just so hard to kick a habit once it has been so ingrained in your system. For those chain smokers who can't get by without lighting a cigarette every thirty minutes or so, car companies have the perfect solution for you. An electrically-powered cigarette lighter is the perfect companion of smokers during long travels when the craving is so hard to ignore. You don't have to bring a lighter along when you've got this device in your car. Besides, how can you keep a lighter's flame lit when you're driving at high speed with the windows rolled down?

Because it's absolutely flame-free, cigarette lighters gets heat from another source in order to light up your stick. With the help of your car battery and lighter socket, you can ignite the end of your cigarette hassle-free even while driving. Apart from lighting cigarettes and cigars, it can also be used to light tinder-making it a valuable tool for camping trips. These lighters are commonly made from either plastic or heat-resistant metal. Make sure the material used on your auto lighter is resistant to high temperature or you'll risk getting burned by the scorching heat it constantly absorbs.

Inside the lighter, there is a thin coil of wire which is used to transfer electrical current when the device is activated. Units are usually activated by pushing the lighter further into the lighter receptacle or socket. Once the lighter is hot, it pops up. Some cars have up to two cigarette lighter sockets installed in their dashboard-one in the center panel and the other in the passenger's side. They come in different volt capacities. Components that have higher capacities usually heat up quicker.

Originally, a car cigarette lighter was only used by smokers. These days, the device can also be utilized to charge electronic accessories like MP3 players and mobile phones. Cigarette lighters are now optional and are being sold separately by some car manufacturers, since not all drivers are smokers. If your electronic devices fail to charge when connected to the socket, you can easily test its condition by using a circuit tester. Connect one end of the clip to the socket's outer frame then stick the longer end into the socket. The tester will light up if it's just a blown fuse. Just replace the fuse and the lighter will function again. If all else fails, it's time for you to replace the device itself.

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