Car Center Mufflers

Don't you just wish there's a universal remote control that can command other people's actions? Think of the movie Click and how Adam Sandler would simply press the mute button when someone annoys him. It would probably be a better world if we can just press the mute button whenever a noisy colleague distracts us from our work, or when someone's MP3 volume is already disrupting your train of thought. When it comes to your car though, you don't need any mute button as long as you have an efficient center muffler that can cancel out any annoying clunks or groans coming from your engine.

Noise pollution is a lot more irritating than air and water pollution combined. Nonsense, gibberish talks, factory noises, deafening car horns-these are just some of the pollutants that can hurt one's ear drums. As a responsible driver, you should make it a point to always check and maintain your muffler assembly or else you're not only a moving irritant on wheels, but you're also a big contributor to the noise pollution. It's the duty of your muffler assembly to keep your exhaust noise to a minimum, and center mufflers help in silencing the noise much more effectively.

Connected to the catalytic converter and the second cylindrical piece in the exhaust assembly, this part is configured to eliminate the engine noise produced during the fuel combustion process. Pressure waves are usually translated into sound waves of extremely high decibels and generate engine noise along with every exhaust stroke. But with the help of specially-made noise-cancellation chambers, the supposedly ear-damaging noise is reduced to a harmless sound that won't hurt people's ear drums. The resonating chambers make use of a destructive interference technology that can silence even the most deafening and earsplitting noise. The car center muffler dampens the engine blasts through packed fiberglass before it blares out of your vehicle.

A damaged muffler can be repaired with a few simple DIY tips. Harsh weather is often the culprit and the major cause of muffler deterioration. Flying rocks and other road debris can also hit the resonance chamber of your car center muffler, puncturing the pipes and disabling its noise-silencing capabilities. To repair your muffler, you'll need a pair of gloves, an epoxy-based repair kit, and bandages. Put the gloves on first to protect your hands. Empty the epoxy tube into a resistant mixing container. Mix the substance with an activator using an applicator found in the repair kit. Soak a high-temperature bandage in the epoxy-activator mix for at least five minutes. Wrap the epoxy-soaked bandage around the holes or punctures. Leave it on and allow it to dry. Your car center muffler should be completely restored and sealed once the bandage dries.

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