If the catalytic converter of your Volvo V90 is no longer in excellent condition, it's most likely that your ride will not meet the requirements of the smog check. As a result of having a defective Volvo V90 catalytic converter, your motor vehicle would be among the thousands of automobiles today that launch a bunch of combustion byproducts into the environment. To reach the desired emissions requirements, see to it that you have a fully functional cat-con.

If it is not for that Volvo V90 catalytic converter, your vehicle will surely give off more poisonous fumes coming from the engine after burning fuel. Even if it's a small car part, it will certainly guarantee a big outcome. But much like other auto products, the Volvo V90 catalytic converter might give in to wear eventually-when that that day has come, what you can do is to shop for an appropriate OE replacement for your Volvo V90. High-flow converters will actually help boost engine power.

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