If there is one Volvo characteristic that can be considered as the most outstanding, it is neither the performance nor the comfort. It is not even the elegance of the car. Sure, Volvo cars are very luxurious and their performances are very commendable. But what car lovers admire most from Volvo cars are their safeness. Since the 1950's, Volvo has been considered as the leader in innovating vehicle safety technologies. Today, when most of its competitors have already followed suit, Volvo cars are still considered as the safest mass-production vehicles in the world.

With the "safety" image still on its side, Volvo could have easily edged out its competitors in the luxury vehicles arena. But we all know that being a safe car is no longer sufficient to entice a potential car buyer in buying a car. Today's car buyers are more selective, and they tend to look at every aspect of the car before settling to purchase it. The heightened awareness about the degrading quality of our environment has been one of the factors affecting the choices of car buyers nowadays, and Volvo is well aware of that. Like other auto manufacturers, Volvo has taken steps in developing environmentally sound designs for their vehicles. But while they are still in the process of improving such technologies, the company has settled on using high quality Volvo catalytic converters as their way of protecting the environment.

But how can a Volvo catalytic converter protect the environment? Catalytic converters are emission-control products that are designed to convert the harmful gasses emitted by gasoline-powered vehicles into less harmful ones. Inside every Volvo catalytic converter, you'll find two different types of catalysts made from different materials. One of the catalysts is called the reduction catalyst and it is made up of platinum and rhodium. This catalyst converts the harmful nitrogen oxides produced by the engine into separate nitrogen and oxygen molecules. The combustion process of the engine also produces other harmful substances like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, and it is the function of the oxidation catalyst to convert these substances into less harmful ones. Composed of platinum and palladium, the oxidation catalyst converts these two harmful substances into carbon dioxide and water. By passing through the catalytic converter, the exhaust gases released by your vehicle gets safer for the environment.

While the ultimate goal of Volvo is to develop vehicles that would be environmentally safe even without the catalytic converter, for the meantime, they are concentrating in producing efficient Volvo catalytic converters for their vehicles. Volvo catalytic converters are designed to effectively convert the harmful exhausts into less harmful ones without restricting the regular functions of their vehicle's engine.

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