When General Motors created the Saturn automobile manufacturing company in 1990, the company's purpose has been clearly revealed, and that is to provide competitive alternatives to the fast growing Japanese compact car market. While the company has not been widely known, it continued to exist and has received a variety of recognitions. Aside from their uniquely elegant vehicles, the company is better known for their friendly customer service policy. The company has also received a lot of praises for their environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

But being a friend of the environment does not end in the automobile manufacturing process. To ensure that Saturn vehicles are equally environment-friendly, the company has equipped each and every Saturn vehicle unit with high performance Saturn catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are that small part of your vehicle's engine exhaust system responsible for reducing the amount of harmful emissions released by the vehicle. Equipped with catalytic converters, every Saturn vehicle can run in the major roads without becoming and environmental hazard.

But how does really the catalytic converter works for your Saturn vehicle? After the engine's combustion process, exhausts are created which contains harmful compounds like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides and unburned hydrocarbons. The catalytic converter is responsible for converting these harmful gases into less harmless ones before they are released to the outside environment. Inside the catalytic converters are two catalysts, oxidation catalyst and reduction catalyst, and each of these metal catalysts converts a particular substance into another. The reduction catalyst induces chemical reaction that would reduce the nitrogen oxide into nitrogen. The oxidation catalyst, on the other hand, burns the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and converts them into carbon dioxide and water.

A lot of other technologies are available that can reduce the harmful substances in engine emissions, but instead of canceling out the functions of the catalytic converters, these technologies would rather work hand in hand with the catalytic converter. Being so essential in protecting the environment, catalytic converters have become standard parts of every vehicle. Federal rules require that all vehicles that will travel through public roads be equipped with catalytic converters. It is illegal for anyone to remove a properly working catalytic converter from his or her vehicles.

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