Various people define driving performance in many different ways. Some look into its control and handling aspect, while others focus on acceleration and speed. Most, however, associate driving performance with horsepower and torque, the main byproducts of the engine which are equated to power. With this in mind, people who love more power equip their vehicles with power-booster components. However, few actually consider upgrading their auto's exhaust system, not knowing that the efficiency of this system actually affects the performance of the engine. In case you wish to enhance the power-producing capacity of the engine of your Porsche and you would like to start with the exhaust system, then you can look into a Porsche catalytic converter.

The main function of the Porsche catalytic converter is not actually related to performance, but to exhaust emission. It is the main exhaust component that works to convert the harmful exhaust gases into harmless substances. These gases are produced by the engine during combustion and emitted by the exhaust system into the environment. They must be efficiently transformed into acceptable byproducts so that they will not be able to pollute the environment when they are released.

Highly efficient catalytic converters are crafted for the highest flow rate. This means that while they work to convert the exhaust into harmless gases, they also promote the fast flow of these gases. The general function of the exhaust system is to route the exhaust out of the engine as fast as possible to keep the engine from getting choked and suffocated. This gives the engine better breathing ability, enabling it to produce more horsepower and torque. And while the catalytic converter has its own specific function to perform, it actually helps the exhaust system in the fast discharge of the exhaust gases. It is engineered with the least restriction to keep the gases flow through as fast as possible.

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