If the catalytic converter of your Oldsmobile Regency is not up to snuff, there's a good chance that your car will fail the smog test. Because of the defective Oldsmobile Regency catalytic converter, your car might be one of the millions of cars nowadays that shoot a load of combustion byproducts directly into the atmosphere. To comply with the required emissions rating, see to it that you have an efficient catcon.

If your automobile is not equipped with a catalytic converter for your Oldsmobile Regency, exhaust gases that is forced out of the engine chamber and flow through the car's exhaust system won't be rid of their hazardous substances. Although it's a a seemingly inconsequential car part, it could certainly make a huge result. However, just like other auto components, the Oldsmobile Regency catalytic converter will wear out over the years-in case that that day has come, what you can do is to look for a suitable converter replacement for your Oldsmobile Regency. Maximum-flow converters will even help bump up torque and hp.

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