There was a time in the automobile manufacturing industry's history when power and performance were the only aspects given consideration when manufacturing vehicles. But all these changed due to heightened environmental awareness and the restrictions made by the US government on exhaust emissions. Today, every auto manufacturer is being challenged to develop vehicle designs that are totally environment-friendly. To show that they are up to the challenge, Nissan employs every possible technology to develop such types of vehicle. Already in the company's current vehicle line-up are two electric vehicles, the Altra EV and the Hypermini, that are environment friendly in more ways than one. Nissan promises that they would produce more of such vehicles in the future.

But while Nissan is still in the process in perfecting their environment-friendly technology, they have no choice but to continuously use gasoline-powered internal combustion engines for their vehicles. This poses a lot of risk because internal combustion engines are known to produce a lot of harmful engine exhausts. The good news, however, is that every Nissan vehicle you'll see on your local dealer's showroom is equipped with high quality Nissan catalytic converters.

A catalytic converter is an emission-control product that is designed to reduce the harmful emissions created by gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. These emissions are often made up of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides, all harmful byproducts of the engine's combustion process. Inside the catalytic converter are two catalysts: a reduction catalyst and an oxidation catalyst. The reduction catalyst converts the nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen. The oxidation catalyst, on the other hand, burns both the carbon monoxide and the hydrocarbons to form carbon dioxide and water. If the exhausts of your vehicle's engine have passed through the catalytic converter, the gases emitted to the environment would be the harmless ones instead of the harmful combustion byproducts.

For your Nissan vehicle, not just any catalytic converter would do. Your Nissan needs a high quality Nissan catalytic converter so that its harmful emissions would be greatly reduced. Nissan catalytic converters are designed by Nissan themselves; this only means that your Nissan catalytic converter would work perfectly with your Nissan engine. Nissan catalytic converters are guaranteed to efficiently reduce the emission level of your Nissan without interfering with the performance of the Nissan engine.

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