Does your Mini puffs black smoke? Probably, it is time for you to check out its exhaust system. Such condition of your Mini should not be prolonged since it may cause other engine related problems and worst is, your Mini can be one of the culprits of the worsening level of air pollution. The exhaust system is one of the most important systems of an automobile since it is responsible for clean and safe emissions. If it will not be functioning properly, then the harmful end products of the automobile's combustion process will be released through the exhaust out into the environment. This means that more pollutants will be added into the air, thus endangering human and environmental conditions.

Since the emissions from the automobiles are considered to be air pollutants, strict emission laws have been implemented worldwide. This is done to preserve the well-being of the earth as well as the humans. To abide by these laws, Mini manufacturer have redefined their line of vehicles to be equipped with dependable exhaust system components which will handle the exhaust gases emitted by the vehicle. One of the components included in all Mini models is the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is one of the main components of the exhaust system that is responsible for the vehicle's clean emissions.

To achieve clean emissions, the catalytic converter is composed of two catalysts: the reduction and oxidation catalysts. The reduction catalyst converts the nitrogen oxide, a substance that contributes to smog and acid rain and causes irritation to human mucus membrane into harmless emission. Other poisonous and harmful byproducts such as the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon are burned by the oxidation catalyst. However, not all end products of combustion process are unsafe. The nitrogen gas, water vapor, and carbon dioxide are also exhaust emissions that are not considered that harmful though, the carbon dioxide is believed to contribute on the global warming.

The catalytic converter does not only serve as the "sweeper" of harmful substances but also improves the efficiency of the exhaust system which is essential in achieving Mini's excellent horsepower and torque. Also, do not let your Mini become a violator of the standard emission laws by providing it with a well maintained catalytic converter. In the long run your Mini catalytic converter would surely call for a replacement. If this time comes, try getting a brand new catalytic converter from Parts Train. The high quality catalytic converters that can be purchased in a fair deal would definitely leave you satisfied with Parts Train.