Every car driving down the road today, be it a sedan, a coupe, a pickup, or an SUV, is potentially a source of air pollution. In larger urban areas in fact, there are more cars which produced more emissions. These cars, if left uncontrolled, will emit high quantities of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides which greatly contribute to urban smog and carbon monoxide that causes respiratory as well as heart problems. For this reason, every modern car is infused with a catalytic — a device designed to help protect the environment. Over the past 25 years, converters have been equipped on practically 500 million automobiles worldwide and today, over 85% of modern vehicles have catalytic converters. Consequently, major improvement in air quality has been witnessed in places like United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan.

A large number of modern vehicles are outfitted with three-way catalytic converters. "Three-way" refers to the three regulated emissions that catalytic converter reduced: carbon monoxide (an odorless and colorless but poisonous gas), hydrocarbons or (VOCs) volatile organic compounds produced from evaporated unburned fuel, and nitrogen oxides or NOx molecules. The catalytic converter like your Infiniti catalytic converter uses two kinds of catalysts: a reduction catalyst and an oxidation catalyst. The reduction catalyst is the first level of your Infiniti catalytic converter while the oxidation catalyst is its second stage. There's also the third stage and it's called the control system monitoring the exhaust stream and uses the data it has gathered in controlling the fuel injection system.

With proper use, maintenance and right fuel, your Infiniti catalytic converter will serve its function for the life of your car. Your Infiniti catalytic converter is designed to be tough to perform its job for a long time. However, it can also be destroyed or damaged if your car is not fueled or maintained properly. Poor car maintenance can result to excessive oil burning as well as engine misfires while using the wrong fuel (leaded gasoline) can quickly destroy the pollution control ability of the catalytic converter. Check your oxygen sensor as well. If it's bad, it will surely affect your catalytic converter. The converter may not be able to convert harmful gases into harmless elements and may not pass a state inspection. At whatever time you need a replacement Infiniti catalytic converter, you can always visit Parts Train.