If the catalytic converter of your Lexus Is250 is not in good shape anymore, there's a good chance that your ride will fail the emissions test. A large number of cars these days give rise to the global warming scare due to their destructive exhaust gases, and you don't want to be part of them-see to it that the Lexus Is250 catalytic converter is running well. To reach the set emissions standards, see to it that you have a fully functional converter.

Without a catalytic converter for your Lexus Is250, combustion gases that is forced out of the engine chamber and flow through the car's exhaust system can't be rid of their harmful substances. This device for emissions control, though a rather small-sized part, can create a huge difference on the atmosphere. You'll have to change the Lexus Is250 catalytic converter over time as a result of damage; get a replacement catcon for your Lexus Is250 as soon as the catalytic converter fails. Maximum-flow catcons may actually help raise engine power.

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