The Range Rover remains to be a driving experience that's beyond compare. It is the luxurious SUV that reflects both the spirit of adventure that's a mark of a sporty vehicle and the ambience of restrained opulence of a truly elegant vehicle. It still embodies all the qualities that has made it the best of its breed and has led to the undying loyalty of anyone who has the luck of owning a Range Rover. And because Land Rover is environmentally conscious, all efforts are made to ensure that from manufacture and design of the vehicles to promotion that social responsibility is extended.

The exhaust and emission control system plays a pivotal role in the vehicles effect on the environment as this is the system responsible for all that comes out of the vehicle and one component of this system is the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is the device that treats the exhaust so that it comes out with reduced toxins. The internal combustion engine is a process that continuously burns fuel. The major by-products of combustion like water vapor, carbon dioxide and oxygen are basically benign. But because the process is not perfect there are harmful by-products. The catalytic converter is responsible in making sure that these by-products come out less harmful to the environment. In order to do that the catalytic converter contains two catalysts: the reduction catalyst and the oxidation catalyst. Both catalysts have a ceramic structure coated with metal catalyst to create maximum exposure of the catalyst to the exhaust.

The reduction catalyst uses the precious metals palladium and rhodium to convert the harmful nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen oxides are great contributors to smog and acid rain. The oxidation catalyst then reduces the unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxides to carbon dioxide and water with the help of the metals palladium and platinum. For the complete burning of these elements the oxygen sensor is used to ensure that there is enough oxygen. It is also the sensor that helps in the fuel-and-air ratio monitoring in order that the computer can make the necessary adjustments that would help a great deal in the whole process.

Since it was introduced in 1975, the law has required that all vehicles are equipped with an operational catalytic converter. Vehicles have to undergo annual emission tests or inspection in order to be able to use their vehicles. It is important that your catalytic converter is made from superior quality to ensure its accuracy and durability. Parts Train offers tested Land Rover Range Rover Catalytic Converter as well as other auto parts for your Range Rover. Visit our website for more information or you can call our toll free number, anytime.