Vehicles affect the environment in many ways. For one, vehicles emit exhaust emissions that pollutes the air. Automobiles give off more than 300 millions tons of carbon into the atmosphere. In the United States, the majority of cars use gasoline, only some use diesel fuel. In some areas, various alternative fuels are being launched; however, these are not widely available for most drivers. When gasoline, diesel, or other fuels are burned in the engines of the car, combustion is not perfect at all and so a mix of harmful pollutants comes out from the tailpipe. These noxious gases include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. Such gases, if not controlled or treated will do harm on the environment.

With air pollution levels ever climbing, the U.S. government acted to reduce hazardous pollutants. The EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency was formed and became the instrument to help America control pollution. The agency mandated that all cars produced after 1975 should be equipped with catalytic converters. The catalytic converter is mounted in the exhaust line between the exhaust manifold and the muffler where the chemical coating of the converter works as a catalyst and transforms those fatal gases into less harmful inert gases, that is if your Land Rover catalytic converter is working properly. If your Land Rover fails inspection, your Land Rover catalytic converter might need to be replaced.

But what causes the catalytic converter to go bad? Two ways can cause your Land Rover catalytic converter to fail: it can be clogged or it can be poisoned. Catalytic converters fail because they normally become clogged with debris. Once the converter is clogged up, the flow of the exhaust gas from getting out of the system is blocked. Meanwhile, the catalytic converter relies on receiving the proper mix of exhaust gases at the right temperature. But because the unit burns at high temperatures, it also suffers rapid thermal activation. So some car expects recommends switching to synthetic engine oil to lessen phosphorous contaminants which is a known contributor to catalytic converter failure.

Car experts suggest that car owners should check their car's catalytic converter on a regular basis. Doing this can help them detect whether their converter is bad and needs replacing. And when a catalytic converter replacement is required, Parts Train is the only place to go. Parts Train is dedicated in providing every car consumer the best service they could get. So Parts Train only offers auto parts products that are guaranteed of premium quality which can be found at Parts Train's comprehensive catalog. You just have to place your order and in no time, you'll have your new Land Rover catalytic converter.