The existence of catalytic converters was a result of a need to reduce pollution produced by the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines. Environmental issues have led American, Japanese as well as European Union (EU) legislation to pose continuously stricter emission limits for petrol engines during the last decades. Automakers have made many enhancements to car engines and fuel systems. And to help reduce the emission further, the catalytic converter was developed. The catalytic converter has become the most important means of exhaust treatment in order to achieve the required emission limits. All vehicles produced after 1975 were equipped with catalytic converters.

So, what does a catalytic converter do exactly to reduce detrimental exhaust emissions? When your car's engine burns fuel, it produces gases that are harmful to the environment. The main emissions of your car's engine are nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide. These gases if not handled properly will exit through your car's exhausts and will start to work to do harm on the environment. Your catalytic converter treats these gases first before they leave the tailpipe and go out into the atmosphere. Pellets inside your Kia catalytic converter work to transform those harmful gases into less harmful gases.

Your Kia catalytic converter uses two kinds of catalysts: the reduction catalyst and the oxidation catalyst. The first stage of your catalytic converter is the reduction catalyst while the second stage is the oxidation catalyst. The reduction catalyst reduces NOx emissions by using platinum and rhodium. The oxidation catalyst reduces unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide through burning them over a platinum and palladium catalyst. Now, why do catalytic converters go bad? Catalytic converters can fail in two ways: it can become clogged or it can be poisoned. They can become clogged with debris and they can be poisoned by gasket sealers and cements.

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