Your Jaguar and other gasoline-powered vehicles is a major contributor to air pollution, that's a fact. These cars, if left uncontrolled, emit and will continue to emit quantities of hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen which greatly contribute to urban smog, and carbon monoxide that causes respiratory as well as heart problems. This is the reason why the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was formed. The EPA that was established in 1970 mandated that all vehicles starting 1975 should be equipped with an apparatus that would control and reduce exhaust pollution to improve air quality and to protect the public's health. And so the catalytic converter was born.

Over the past 25 years, catalytic converters have been infused on nearly 500 million automobiles around the world and today, more than 85% of the new vehicles produced are outfitted with catalytic converter, your Jaguar has also its catalytic converter. Mounted in the exhaust line between the exhaust manifold and the muffler, your Jaguar catalytic converter transforms harmful gases into harmless gases before they leave the tailpipe and exit to the open air. Noxious gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides are the largest source of ground level ozone and ground level ozone is responsible for smog, numerous respiratory problems, and harm to plant life. The converter, as the name implies, converts them into less harmful gases.

With proper maintenance, use, and fueling your Jaguar catalytic converter will perform its function effectively. Your Jaguar catalytic converter is designed to be tough and durable but take note, it can be damaged or destroyed if your car is not properly maintained and fueled. Misfueling with leaded gasoline will quickly destroy the pollution control capability of your Jaguar catalytic converter. Poor vehicle maintenance can result to excessive oil burning or engine misfires which can adversely affect your Jaguar catalytic converter's performance. Your car will emit high levels of pollution once your Jaguar catalytic converter is defective so always be aware of your converter's condition.

If you see signs of a damaged catalytic converter, you need to replace it right away. If you won't change your bad Jaguar catalytic converter, you will automatically fail the next time you have your emission tests. Obtaining a replacement Jaguar catalytic converter is very easy, so why not take the risk? You can browse Parts Train's easy-to-navigate catalog at whatever time your Jaguar catalytic converter needs replacing. Parts Train will provide you a countless selection of high-quality auto parts as well as auto accessories so if ever you need to replace your Jaguar bumper too, Parts Train is again, the place to go.