You cannot absolutely have an exhaust system with no Infiniti I30 catalytic converter. If you're not familiar with how the catalytic converter of your Infiniti I30 functions, it primarily changes the harmful compounds from your engine's combustion byproducts into much safer emissions just before they are emitted from your motor vehicle, thus lessening fuel use and the threat of harming Mother Nature.

A lot of catalytic converters, the same as your Infiniti I30 catalytic converter, are typically attached to your exhaust pipe. This dependable catalytic converter of your Infiniti I30 is crafted from the strongest materials that can tolerate the effects of harsh elements it's subjected to, which makes it last longer. If the catalytic converter of your Infiniti I30 begins to fail due to excessive wear, you need to instantly change it before it causes issues to your exhaust system and to your environment.

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