Some people think that catalytic converters in some vehicle are government's scheme to restrict horsepower. It could be because the catalytic converter is the emissions-system component that's least understood. The fact is, the catalytic converter does a very important task and that is to convert the internal combustion's toxic by-product into less harmful emissions. With the use of its internal catalysts, this component significantly decreases the amount of harmful emissions in the vehicle's exhaust. It works to prevent harmful gases particularly carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from going out of the vehicle and become pollutants to the environment. The catalytic converters do this job by changing the said noxious elements into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Without the catalytic converter, the emissions of some vehicle will otherwise be hazardous not just to the environment but to our personal health as well. They also contribute to the photochemical smog formation. Resembling like a muffler, the catalytic converter is mounted in the exhaust line and employs chemicals that serve as catalysts. Its outer shell is made up of stainless steel while inside, it is lined with different chemicals or catalysts like platinum, aluminum oxide and palladium. These catalysts are responsible for changing the hazardous elements into safer emissions.

Since 1975 model year, vehicles employ at least one catalytic converter. Depending on the manufacturer and the engine configuration, vehicles today can be outfitted with one or more catalytic converters. Though they do not necessitate maintenance of their own, catalytic converter's life depends largely on proper care. Generally, the EPA orders that automotive catalytic converters cannot be replaced if it isn't damaged or if the vehicle drives less than 50,000 miles. This is done to prevent tampering of emission system. To make this order clear, replacing catalytic converters is unlawful in some cases.

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