We all have the right to breathe and enjoy clean air. But, with the increasing amount of car and trucks, how can we enjoy fresh air? Yes, polluted air does not only come from factories that produce the goods we want and the house we live in. Most of the air pollution comes from the vehicles we ride and drive everyday. These cars and trucks or all burning gasoline or diesel fuel emits large amounts of toxic gases. This is the very reason why car engineers designed or produced the so-called catalytic converter. All cars produced in 1970 are equipped with catalytic converters.

Catalytic converter like your Hyundai's catalytic converter is the single most effective auto contraption that helps a lot in reducing exhaust emissions, in reducing carbon monoxide, smog and other toxic elements. Technically speaking, catalytic converters supplies an environment for a chemical reaction in which toxic combustion byproducts are transformed to less-toxic gases.

Most modern catalytic converters are usually composed of two sorts of catalysts to perform this essential function. A reduction catalyst in the catalytic converter converts nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and oxygen, whereas an oxidation catalyst performs a second combustion to change the carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons into harmless carbon dioxide and water. In addition, the oxygen produced by the reduction catalyst further aids this oxidizing.

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