Fact: automobiles are today's major contributors of the air pollution problem of our society considering their great and continuously increasing number. Because of this, several emissions control standards and environmental laws have been implemented to address the setback. One of the measures that automotive technology was able to come up with was the use of catalytic converters like the Hummer catalytic converter on automobiles. This device is designed to lessen toxicity of emissions from internal combustion engines by providing a place of conversion of the combustion products into less-harmful gases. This conversion process is called chemical reaction.

Since catalytic converters, also called as cats or catcon, are considered as emissions control products, it is better to know what they actually perform to be called as such. A catcon can either be a three way or a two-way product with the former performing three tasks simultaneously namely the reduction of nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen, oxidation of carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, and the oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water, while the latter performing only the last two tasks of the former. Moreover, catcons are considered to be one of the important components of the car's exhaust system to the extent of prohibiting the removal or replacement of which while still functioning properly. Such prohibition is strictly implemented in some places.

A catalytic converter is comprised of various components namely the core or substrate, the washcoat, and the catalyst itself. The core or substrate is a ceramic honeycomb or stainless steel honeycombs used to support the catalyst and aptly called the "catalyst support". The washcoat meanwhile is a product of the silicon and aluminum mixture used to make the catcon as efficient as possible by forming a rough and irregular surface grater than that of the flat core surface. It is basically intended to provide expanded space for active precious metal sites. And lastly, the catalyst which is usually a precious metal such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, cerium, iron or nickel is used to perform the primary function of converting harmful byproducts into less harmful ones.

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