Honda has always been known as the manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced vehicles. In every Honda vehicle, you'll find parts and equipments that are properly laid out and brilliantly designed for maximum performance and comfort. But there's another side of Honda that most of us don't know of. Aside from being a technological leader, Honda is also an environmental leader. Honda continues in finding ways on how their technology can create more environment-friendly vehicles without compromising the performance. They have already sampled one of these solutions to the new Honda CVCC Civic. But while the company is still in the process of perfecting such technologies, they settled on equipping their vehicles with high performance Honda catalytic converters first.

A catalytic converter is an emission-control product that reduces the harmful effects of the exhausts emitted by gasoline-powered vehicle engines. In the combustion process of a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine, the fuel is not completely burned into mechanical energy. Instead, the combustion process creates gaseous byproducts. Among these byproducts are hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. All these gases are, in one way or another, harmful to the environment. It is the function of the catalytic converter to convert these harmful substances into harmless ones before it is released to the outside environment.

All Honda vehicles are equipped with a three-way catalytic converter. This type of catalytic converter efficiently reduces the emission of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other hydrocarbons. Three-way catalytic converters are made up of two catalysts: a reduction catalyst and an oxidation catalyst. The reduction catalyst, which is typically made up of rhodium and platinum, reverts the nitrogen oxides back into separate nitrogen and oxygen molecules. The oxidation catalyst on the other hand is made up of platinum and palladium and converts the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. After all these conversions are done, the less harmful exhaust is then delivered to the system's tailpipe to be released to the environment.

While Honda believes that catalytic converters are not the most efficient way in controlling harmful vehicle emissions, reality tells them that they should continue to equip their vehicles with catalytic converters. In compliance to the law, every Honda vehicle is equipped with a Honda catalytic converter that is designed not only to protect the environment but also to improve engine performance. Honda continues to further their research in creating vehicles that emits harmless gases even without catalytic converters. While in the process of finding the perfect solution, however, Honda continues to equip their vehicles with high quality and high performance catalytic converter.

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