Worried about the emission test at the start of the quarter? Fiat understands that basic need, and has already equipped you even before you have first come to make it your choice. Worry not, because your Fiat vehicle has a Fiat catalytic converter inside its system. This magnificent device is just in time for that need. With it, you are sure to pass the emission test and keep environment law enforcers from tailing you as you drive. Now, enjoy the smiles that greet you as you cruise and drive around without any guilt.

Your Fiat catalytic converter is one of the components of your auto's exhaust system. It lies along the exhaust pipes right before the muffler. It is made from durable aluminum or steel-strength materials and is designed like that of the muffler and even finished like it in some instances. This device is made to last the life of your vehicle. However, because of improper maintenance or overexposure to harsh elements and contaminants, it can become clogged and polluted, which are the usual reasons for it to get fixed or replaced.

The catalytic converter works to combat the harmful exhaust gases that the engine releases, like carbon monoxide, volatile organic carbons, and hydro carbons. With the use of either honeycomb or ceramic structure, this device delivers its function through a three-way process. First, it strips away the oxygen from its compound carbon monoxide form, then combusts the volatile organic carbon and hydro carbon with the help of other metallic catalysts. Lastly, it controls the amount of oxygen present in your vehicle.

This very important role that your Fiat catalytic converter plays in the overall maintenance of your auto makes it more susceptible to wear. That is why proper maintenance of this device should be administered. An erring catalytic converter can be easily noted with the black smoke and foul odor emission that it releases. If such occurs, it may either be clogged or polluted and will thus require replacement. Such replacements are an easy find now with Parts Train just a click away.

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