The condition of the world's air supply is a huge concern. Naturally! It is for the very reason that air supplies us with oxygen that is important for our bodies to live. And once it has been polluted, it cannot be easily cleaned. Note that pollution has serious effects towards our health and well-being as well as to the whole environment. Now, what causes air pollution? The exhaust from burning fuels in your Eagle is one major source of air pollution. Yes, your Eagle and any other car on the road is one major contributor of pollution is the air. For this reason, vehicles produced after 1975 in the United States are required to have a catalytic converter. The making of the catalytic converter is a part of an attempt to trim down air pollution.

It was during 1960s when the catalytic converter was developed and by 1970s, nearly all vehicles were outfitted with one. In 1975, all new model vehicles have catalytic converter. Mounted about midway down the length of the vehicle (in the exhaust line between the exhaust manifold and the muffler, to be exact), the catalytic converter reduces the amount of pollutants in the car's exhaust gases by transforming them into less harmful ones. This exhaust system component has small beads which are coated with metals like palladium/rhodium and platinum. While exhaust gases pass through the catalytic converter, such metals act as catalysts that encourage chemical reactions changing pollutants such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into less harmful carbon dioxide and waste.

Your Eagle will not pass emission inspection if your Eagle catalytic converter is defective or damaged. Corrosion, usual wear and tear, and internal clogging are some of the various causes of an inefficient catalytic converter. Fortunately, there are many auto parts dealers online that offer replacement Eagle catalytic converters if your Eagle catalytic converter needs replacing. One trusted online auto parts provider to go is Parts Train. Parts Train stock countless selection of auto parts as well as accessories so you will surely find the Eagle catalytic converter that would fit your Eagle model. All the good qualities that you look for in a catalytic converter, you'll be able to find it from Parts Train's lineup of auto products.