When the catalytic converter of your Dodge Spirit is not in tiptop shape anymore, it's most likely that your car will not meet the requirements of the smog check. As a result of having a defective Dodge Spirit catalytic converter, your automobile would be one of the millions of cars nowadays that release a bunch of pollutants straight to the air. To conform to the set emissions standards, see to it that you have a dependable catcon.

If your car doesn't have a catalytic converter for your Dodge Spirit, combustion gases that come out of the automotive engine and flow through the vehicle's exhaust won't be rid of their noxious substances. This emissions control unit, while a comparatively small-sized device, can create a big effect on the atmosphere. You will have to remove and replace the Dodge Spirit catalytic converter over time due to old age; get an OE replacement for your Dodge Spirit as soon as the catalytic converter breaks. Others will help produce increased horsepower and torque due to the catalytic converters' optimum-flow style.

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