The exhaust system, like the other systems outfitted in a vehicle plays a very crucial role. But why is it that many people disregard their car's exhaust system? Well, simply because they believe that their car's exhaust system does nothing more than to release the waste products of the combustion reaction. Yes, this is true to some extent, but if truth be told, the way these waste products are released out of the engine is important to the engine performance.

Your Chrysler exhaust system has three major functions and the first function, as mentioned above is to remove exhaust from your car's engine as fast as it can to allow it to continue to burn fuel without any interruption. The second purpose of your exhaust system is to reduce the noise produced by your car's engine. Noise is among the waste products generated by the engine. Through the tubes and metal plates or commonly known as muffler, the noise is abridged.

And the last but definitely not the least function of your car's exhaust system is to clean up polluting emissions which are harmful to the environment. This is achieved through your Chrysler catalytic converter. When your engine burns up fuel, it generates gases that greatly pollute the air, so your Chrysler catalytic converter cleans up the exhaust gases by breaking down the detrimental gas compounds.

And because air pollution is a major environmental snag that affects us all, it just makes sense to check your car's catalytic converter regularly to ensure that is free from any damage that would cause it to fail. If ever your Chrysler catalytic converter needs replacement, purchase a new one and have it replaced right away. Replacing faulty Chrysler catalytic converter will not only improve the performance of your car's exhaust system, you can also help reduce air pollution.

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