One of the big problems that large cities in the United States face is air pollution. And according to studies, one of its main causes is the amount of harmful emission that all vehicles produce together. That is why, nowadays, clean-air laws are strictly implemented so that the amount of pollution that vehicles produce is controlled and reduced. Car manufacturers, therefore, have to abide with these laws by ensuring that their vehicles include components that can help reduce emissions. They now make refinements to their engine and fuel systems, such as installing a device called catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter, just like the Cadillac catalytic converter, is an auto component designed mainly to reduce the three main regulated emissions like the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides. Although these three have different characteristics, they are all harmful to the environment, thus the catalytic converter is needed to turn them into less harmful emissions before they leave your vehicle's exhaust system. This can either be a two-way or a three-way product. If it's a two-way, its main tasks include the oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and oxidation of unburned non-methane hydrocarbon to carbon dioxide and water. These functions are also applicable to a three-way catalytic converter; it is just that this has an additional function of reducing the nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen.

But just like the other components of your exhaust system, the catalytic converter can also get defective over time especially if you fail to regularly check it, together with the rest of your auto components. If your catalytic converter starts to malfunction, it is best to have it checked by a qualified technician so that repair can be done immediately. But if it's beyond repair, it is better to get a replacement part.

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