With the increasing number of vehicles on the road today, the problem on air pollution also turns from bad to worse. Although there are many benefits that go with the invention of vehicles, still people can't deny the threats that emissions of these vehicles pose to the environment. And so in response to this problem, the federal government and the states create laws to promote clean air and restrict the amount of emissions that vehicles produce. To keep up with these clean-air laws, car manufacturers, including Buick manufacturers, have made refinements on their vehicle's engine and fuel system. And to further reduce emission, they integrated an interesting device called the Buick catalytic converter.

The Buick catalytic converter is an engine part that is used mainly to treat the vehicle's exhaust before it leaves the vehicle. Aside from that, it is specifically designed to reduce three known pollutants like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides. Because of this, most catalytic converters are three-way catalytic converters and use two types of catalysts such as the reduction catalyst, which is the first stage of catalytic converter and the oxidation catalyst, which is the second stage.. Both of these compose of a ceramic structure that is coated with a platinum, palladium, or rhodium catalyst.

But just like other engine components, the catalytic converter is also likely to get damaged after a period of time. A defective catalytic converter can greatly affect the engine's performance. That is why it is important to repair this at once or if not replace it. It is not a good idea to take this problem for granted because this can lead to serious engine problems.

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