In case the catalytic converter of your Audi Quattro is not in tiptop shape anymore, do not be surprised if your car will not meet the requirements of the smog test. Considering the flawed Audi Quattro catalytic converter, your vehicle can be one of the millions of cars nowadays that emit a load of combustion byproducts straight to the environment. If you really do not like your vehicle to be a great contributor to global warming and you want to make sure that your vehicle passes the laws of your state, might as well roll up your sleeves to fix converter or simply buy a brand-new catcon.

If not for that Audi Quattro catalytic converter, your ride will release more poisonous fumes originating from the automotive engine after combustion. This emissions control unit, although a rather small component, can make a big difference on the atmosphere. Unfortunately, just like other car products, the Audi Quattro catalytic converter will wear out over time-if that happens, the best thing you can do is to buy a compatible OE replacement for your Audi Quattro. Others will help generate additional horsepower and torque because of their optimum-flow type.

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