An all-terrain vehicle is always exposed to harsh environmental elements like dust, dirt, water, and mud. The rugged "lifestyle" of this kind of vehicle predisposes its exterior as well as the interior parts of the body to possible scratches or dents. Worst is these environmental elements may cause the finish or the sheet metal of the vehicle to corrode and develop rust. Although car manufacturers assures the market that excellent durability is guaranteed in their makes and models, it is yet necessary to include features that would protect the auto body and would somehow enhance the appearance of the vehicle.

The Land Rover is an example of an all-terrain vehicle that has an up-market image that seems to be peerless in the ATV or SUV market. To make it more appealing and reflect the true customer-base marketing strategy, Land Rover was redefined from being a "mud and guts" type of vehicle to a more luxury oriented reputation. Its rugged look is loaded with features that carries out an aggressive performance yet provides a comfortable and relaxing interior. One such feature of the Land Rover is its high-grade Land Rover carpet. The Land Rover carpet's main function is to protect the metal flooring of the vehicle from possible damages that can be caused by various environmental elements.

Aside from being a protective sheet for the flooring, the Land Rover carpet through its thick but soft covering provides extra comfort on the soles of the driver and the passenger's feet. However, the Land Rover carpet is not just a protective sheet for the vehicle's interior but also an accessory that brings out style and elegance. The well crafted Land Rover carpet used premium quality materials and is available in different styles and colors that will match the entire design of the vehicle's interior. The Land Rover carpet is not just a necessity but a functional accessory that must not be neglected every time you perform routine maintenance in your Land Rover.

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