Car Carburetors

The first ever carburetor was invented by Karl Benz in the year 1800. The basic function of this component is to mix air and fuel. It is also responsible for supplying the engine with the right mixture of air/fuel. In fact, they say that if the engine is the heart, then this component must be the soul. There are three principles governing the performance of this component: metering, vaporization of the fuel, and the equal distribution of the air/fuel mixture in the engine.

Carburetors were utilized until the middle and later part of the 80s before they were replaced with fuel injection system. But regardless of its demise, this component has one major benefit and that is with reference to the throttle response, especially in the area of racing where filters or collectors are not used in the intake. Most of the older vehicles are still equipped with this component. Now just in case what you have is an old vehicle model, then it's likely that your vehicle is equipped with this component.

Carburetor parts similar to all the components inside your vehicle are also prone to wear and defects. There are signs and symptoms that will let you know when something is wrong with these components. A black or dark exhaust smoke exiting the tail pipe is an indication of a carburetion problem. You will also have a hard time starting your vehicle. This is usually the result of a clogged carburetion system. There is also stuck engine idling, which is very common during cold weathers. Choppy or irregular idling of the engine is similarly observed. And last but not the least is engine misfiring, a result of faulty or irregular engine combustion.

Once you notice these symptoms, make sure that you immediately replace the car carburetor to avoid further damage on your engine. You can get the specifications for the replacement parts in the owner's manual of your vehicle. The repair involved in replacing this component is moderately challenging but can be done. You have two options for the repair, its either you do it yourself or have a pro mechanic do the job for you. Either way, some cost will be incurred but between the two, the former can provide you with great savings plus some excellent learning experience that could prove handy if ever you face the same trouble without any available repair service in sight. But then again, the choice is yours.

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