Car Carburetions

Carburetion in an engine pertains to the combustion of the correct amount of oxygen with gasoline. This process involves the vaporization of the gasoline, intake of air, and finally the combustion of the fuel/air mixture. This same process is also responsible for an engine's performance, from starting to running at full throttle and then idling.

The function of the carburetion system is based on three principles: accurate measurement of fuel and air, conversion of fuel to vapor, and the precise distribution of the fuel/air mixture into the engine. After the fuel reaches the carburetor, it goes directly to the fuel supply line and down to a float bowl. Fuel is then transported to the other side of the carburetor via the fuel jet. There is also an entry point which is referred to as the throat or barrel with an air filter or pipe called a Venturi, which is a tube that varies in width and throttle valve. Now remember, the amount of air/fuel mixture is dependent on the surrounding air pressure, the size of the gaseous particles, the quality of fuel, and whether the engine has slower, faster, or idle options.

Car carburetion takes place within the carburetor. This is where you can find the central mixing chamber where air and fuel combines. Inside, you'll find a needle valve that forces fuel through a tiny hole and releases it as fine droplets. There is also a suction valve that controls the amount of air that enters the chamber. This process is better known as metering. Vaporized gasoline then goes through another wide tube leading to another chamber where it will be ignited by a spark to start the combustion process.

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