Car covers such as the Mercedes Benz car cover are typically part of the whole package when you buy a brand new car. Car covers can also be purchased as an aftermarket product. The shape and contours of car covers depend on the type or model of cars they are designed to protect. Thus, there are car covers specifically for sedans, there are covers specifically for coupes, there are car covers specifically for station wagons, there are car covers specifically for hatch backs, and the list goes on. Car cover designs are based on the body type of the vehicle. A car cover fits the type of car it is intended to cover. Nonetheless, a car cover may not exclusively fit one body type.

Cars with similar body types may swap car covers. For instance, the car cover designed for a hatchback may be used by a station wagon because of the similar body design. Car covers are generally loose enough to fit a wide range of body types. On the other hand, there are body-hugging car covers that perfectly fit sports cars. When it comes to sports automobile car covers, style is as important as functionality. Car covers may attract more attention than the car itself. A body-hugging car cover accentuates the curves and lines of a car.

Basically, the function of ca covers like the Mercedes car cover is to provide protection for the car against scratch, dust, moisture, animal droppings and other factors that may damage the paint finish of the vehicle. Car covers are very useful if you are going to park outdoors. Parking outdoors exposes your car to may destructive elements. Bird droppings, for instance, are quite common nuisance in urban and rural settings. Bird droppings are rich in ammonia and urea which can easily be converted into acids. Hence, bird droppings can cause the paint of your vehicle to peel-off prematurely.

There are two basic types of car covers. The first type is the waterproof car cover. This type of car cover is typically woven out of nylon or other synthetic polymers. Waterproof car covers are ideal for outdoor parking, open air parking. The second type of car cover is the soft fabric car cover. This type of car cover is typically woven out of synthetic silk or cotton. This type of car cover is ideally used indoor. It has the advantage of allowing breathing pores for the car. It does not trap moisture or heat on the surface of the car like the waterproof car cover. If you are searching for dependable car covers, Parts Train will provide you with the best aftermarket car covers.