Car covers such as the Mazda car cover are typically part of the complete package when you purchase a brand new vehicle. Car covers differ in configurations, depending on the body type and model of the vehicles they are intended to cover. Car covers may loosely fit more than one type or model of vehicle if the vehicles are similar enough. For instance a car cover for a station wagon can easily fit a hatchback of the same auto make. A perfect fit is not absolutely necessary if your intention is to simply protect your vehicle against dust, scratches and the elements. Even if your vehicle is parked in a garage, there is always the risk that it will be exposed to different factors that may lead to its early deterioration.

Dust may seem harmless but it is one of the main factors why car exterior easily deteriorate. Dust may accumulate even when the car is moving. Dust accumulation is very easy when the car is parked for a long period of time. Dust is actually composed of more than one component. It is a collection of organic and inorganic suspended particles. These particles are in colloidal form or mixture with air. They are invisible to the naked eyes under normal conditions. However, you can easily see dust particles if light beam shines at the right angle in a dimly lit room. Along the beam of light, you would be able to see dust particles.

Dust particles are comprised of minute particles such as plant fibers, skin shedding, bacteria, viruses, mites, pollen grains, fine earth, ash, salt mist, etc. Some components in dust, such as salt particulates may cause the caking of the paint layer. If the paint layer becomes thin enough, the metal surface of the car panel will be exposed to oxidation. The damage may be very negligible that it is hardly noticeable at first. However, the gradual oxidation process may eventually lead to corroded body panel. Dust is especially harmful when it enters the engine parts. For instance, the air filter may be prematurely clogged when dust is left to accumulate.

Car covers protects the vehicle from any particulates that may accumulate on the vehicle surface. Car covers also protect an automobile against moisture. Accidental scratches can also be prevented if a car has a car cover. There are two basic types of car covers, namely, the waterproof car cover and the soft fabric car cover. The waterproof car cover can be used outdoor. Meanwhile, the soft fabric car cover is ideally used indoor. Waterproof car covers are typically woven out of nylon or other synthetic polymer fibers. On the other hand, soft fabric car covers are typically woven in cotton material. Here at Parts Train, you can find a wide array of options for waterproof and soft fabric car covers.