The exterior part of your vehicle takes all the damage of traveling; numerous street elements like dirt and gravel usually deal scratches on the bumper and hood area, however, you can prevent this from happening by a Pontiac car bra on the car or truck's front portion. This component serves as the primary means of protection to the exterior of your Pontiac and it is often dark vinyl that is very stretchable so it can fit correctly over the entire front part.

A car bra covers the hood and the bumper with a protective dark vinyl to ward off debris which can cause scratches and dents on the surface. With a car bra, you can be sure that the paint of your Pontiac is going to be guarded from harsh elements which could produce ugly peeling and dings on the corners.

It is pretty costly to have a vehicle paint job performed, so you have to choose a Pontiac car bra that is manufactured from breathable vinyl to prevent the exterior paint from chipping. Our customer support associates are always ready to process your order anytime; choose from our wide selection today and enjoy our speedy delivery service.