Car Camshaft Position Sensors

The position of the camshaft in the engine determines the position of the pistons inside the engine cylinders. And, the position of the pistons determines the phases of combustion-whether it's in the intake, compression, power, or exhaust phase. In all of these phases, different systems work to perform fuel supply, spark ignition, and other processes. All the said processes have to happen at the correct time, and that is controlled by the car computer. The computer is able to perform this function with the help of the camshaft position sensor.

The said sensor detects the position of the camshaft to determine the position of the piston and the phase of combustion, sending the data to the car computer. The computer then determines when to fire the spark plugs and when to activate the fuel injectors. The right timing is critical as this affects the efficiency and performance of the engine. Because of the function of your car camshaft position sensor, the sending of the said elements to the engine happens efficiently, and driving problems are avoided.

When you closely examine the operation of the camshaft and the set up involving the sensor, you'll see that everything happens because of a magnetic field. This is created by a magnet incorporated in the camshaft, and pins that rotate with the shaft. Pulses are generated during the process, and it is these pulses which the sensor reads. The camshaft position sensor circuit is simple and the operation is easy to understand, although the function is crucial to your car's operation.

Now, there are many things that can happen when the said sensor is damaged. First, you may not be able to start your vehicle on time. You may also experience poor idling and stalling, as well as poor mileage. Or, if the problem is grave, your vehicle may not even start. In many instances, you'll see the check engine light in your vehicle coming on. All these problems necessitate immediate inspection. Sometimes, you can easily detect damage with just a visual check. And if the damage is too serious, then your best recourse would be to replace the damaged part and choose a new one from the available camshaft position sensors.

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