Car Cabin Air Filters

If you've driven your car for more or less a year without replacing its stock cabin air filter, today would be the best time to consider getting a replacement. Why? Well, that filter traps a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. Over time, all the particles that it has trapped will accumulate on its filter material, and that could cause problems in your health and in other aspects of your drive.

A dirty or plugged up car cabin air filter can cause air circulation and airflow in your vehicle cabin to be poor. You won't get the right amount of fresh air in your car because the filter will keep your ventilation system from performing well. In some instances, when you notice your car windshield fogging up easily, that might be an indication you're not getting enough fresh air in your car compartment and the filter is in dire need of a replacement. Also, a damaged filter will not be able to trap all the particles coming through the vents. So, if you have passengers with asthma or allergies, riding in your car could trigger an attack.

You can prevent all the mentioned possibilities by doing a cabin air filter replacement on time. Every year or every 12,000 miles is the recommended replacement interval for the filter, and the process is easy. So, you actually don't have anything to worry about in case you are doing a filter replacement. You don't have to call on your mechanic to do the job because you can do it on your own. There are two choices available for you when it comes to a new filter: the usual type of filter and the charcoal type. The first type is designed to handle damaging particles alone, while the charcoal type is built to handle both the said particles and unwanted odors.

When replacing cabin air filters, the procedure would depend on your specific vehicle make and model. Different vehicles have different mounting areas for the filter, as well as different number of filters. Many vehicles have at least two, accessible either through the dashboard, the hood, or near the ventilation system. You can refer on your car manual to determine the mounting location of the specific filter that is mounted in your ride.

Once you know that and you have already determined the cabin air filter that you want to get for your vehicle, you can then visit Parts Train to find the right filter. Here, you'll see a wide range of auto parts that are perfect for replacing damaged components or upgrading the overall performance of your vehicle. All these parts are available at prices that won't hurt your budget, so you can get them anytime.