Visual inspection is never enough if you want to maintain your Volvo vehicle well. If ocular checkup is perfect for you to see signs of wear and damages in the various parts of your auto, then using your other senses will also lead you to a better understanding of what your Volvo needs. Listening is another great way to keep your auto in check. Nasty rattling, vibrations, and loud clicking sounds are definitely signs of irregularities. When you hear one while turning your vehicle, it is time to check on your Volvo CV joint.

The constant transfer of torque to steered wheels is the major function of a constant velocity or a CV joint. It also works to accommodate the motions of the suspension system. When you hear a loud clicking sound when turning, you can always be sure that there is something wrong with your Volvo CV joint. Failure on this vital part will cause inconveniences in the steering of your auto.

Your entire Volvo CV joints are made of two parts - the inner CV joints and the outer CV joints. Relatively, there are also two types of CV joints used at the same time in every vehicle, the tripod type and the ball type. The tripod type is employed in an inner joint while the ball type is for the outer CV joint. The location of the CV joints in your vehicle depends on your Volvo's specifications. For front wheel driven Volvos, the CV joints are located at the front wheels. There will be four in it: two inner and two outer joints.

The Volvo CV joint plays a vital role in your vehicle's controllability and drivability. It is a durable joint attached to each end of the driveshaft. It is packed and locked with lubricating grease and is protected and concealed by a CV boot. A CV boot is a retractable rubberized part that is seen under your vehicle when you take a peek at the inner area of the wheels. The CV joint is among the auto parts that do not need maintenance as long as the CV boot is not damaged or broken.

Driving with a damaged CV boot can greatly expose the CV joint to failure. This can eventually lead to the damage in the entire drive shaft. Keep this from happening in your elegant Volvo by replacing your problematic CV parts, from the boot to the joint, with the aftermarket products available at Parts Train. Parts Train offers an entire line of auto parts and accessories for all vehicle makes and models. Check us out now and see for yourself what pleasure you get from online shopping the Parts Train way.