If performance matters a lot to you as you drive your well-defined and engineered Volkswagen model, make sure that you take care and get familiar with its various performance parts inside and out. Such parts vary from the power-producer system to the controllability section of your auto. Both play an indispensable role in maintaining and producing high end results for the performance that you are well acquainted with. One of the parts that adhere to the same concept of excellence in your Volkswagen is the Volkswagen CV joint.

The ends of the protruding metal bar under your vehicle pinning the wheels is the constant velocity joint. What you will see is just the outer side; the other end is the inner CV joint in your auto. They work to provide optimum driving control through the transfer of torque from the steering to the drive shaft where these vital parts are also attached. They also allow the up and down movement of the suspension system. The two pairs of these joints make up your whole Volkswagen CV joints.

The CV joints are generally classified into two types, the tripod and the ball type. These two are both employed in all automobiles, with the ball type in the outer joints and the tripod type in the inner. Volkswagen CV joints are no-need-to-maintain parts and are protected with retractable and rubberized CV boots and a grease pack that serves as their lubrication agent. The CV boots must be protected from tear and negative effects of wear because they are indispensable to the CV joints.

Broken or damaged CV boots will expose the CV joints and the grease pack. This will subject the parts to unwanted elements that may imperil their structure and function. So, always observe ocular inspections in your CV boots before you hit the road for maximum protection. Since you cannot really keep wear from hitting these rubber protectors, replacing them immediately and replenishing the grease pack of your CV joints will do the trick once damage is observed. Otherwise, the CV joints may also experience problems, and this will call for a more costly expenditure.

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