As one of the most successful Japanese cars to break through the international market, Toyota offers superior engineering and cutting-edge technology that places it among the top automotive marques in the industry. If you are one of the owners of a Toyota you are lucky to have experienced the power and performance that the marque boasts of. But as they say, great power and performance comes from high quality components. Every part, whether big or small, has to be in top working shape. The CV joint is among these essential components that have to be kept in great shape.

The CV or constant velocity joint is basically composed of bearings and cages that allows for axle rotation. It is a common and necessary part in most front-wheel drive and many four-wheel drive vehicles today. Rear wheel drive vehicles do not necessarily need a CV joint as the rear wheels are always pointing in the same direction. Located at each end of a drive shaft, the CV joint transfers torque at even speed to steered wheels. The CV joint also holds the up and down movement of the suspension. A rubber boot holds the parts as it spins around a protective layer of grease.

Time and usage will eventually wear out the boot. Moisture and dirt can cause the grease to leak out. This will cause the CV joints to crack and wear out. Problems in the outer CV joint are much easier to detect than inner CV joint problems. A common indication of outer CV joint wear out is a loud clicking noise. Where as in an inner joint problem, vibrations felt during acceleration can indicate a wear out. One way of checking a bad inner joint is by driving your car up to 4-50mph and note if there is any pulsation felt. If there is, remove your foot on the pedal and see if the vibrations fade away. If they do, then it is a clear indication of a worn out inner CV joint.

Complete CV joint replacement can be avoided if immediate attention is given to the unnecessary sounds and pulsations felt. When the rubber boot that protects the joint fails, cracks can develop causing the joint to function without lubrication. This can result to a complete and costly CV joint replacement which you could have avoided if given immediate attention. Securing immediate part replacement is vital to avoid getting greater expense and damage to your vehicle.

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