The Saab manufacturing team has always been one of the first few who introduced front wheel drive cars in the United States. Still, having to modify their vehicles from time to time, they continue to astound every car aficionado out there and those that owns one attests the best quality they get out of the Saab cars. Knowing that most of their vehicles are front wheel driven and all wheel drives are also available, then for sure you have there a CV joint to take care of. The CV joint is very important on transmissions such as the different drives mentioned above.

The CV joint is a name which actually means constant velocity joint or also known as a homokinetic. This joint is found attached to both the drive, usually packed with grease and is often covered with a rubber or plastic boot for protection. The constant velocity joint functions as the part that transfers the torque in a unified speed onto the wheels to facilitate a free suspension motion while resisting the spring actions brought by the drive. In short, the CV joint allows the rotating shaft to transmit power in variable angles, without an increase in friction or play all in constant rotational speed.

With the modern cars of today, CV joints used in driveshaft are available in two types: an inboard end joint, and a Triax or tripod joint. The inboard end joint has a shaft that moves up and down only in connection with the suspension. The Triax on the other hand is a three pointed yoke attached to the shaft having a barrel shaped rollers on all ends. This simple arrangement works well, having a characteristic of being able to fit into a cup with three matching grooves providing only the significant movements in one axis. The CV joint on the outboard end of the driveshaft fits on the spline at its end and is held by a clip or fastener.

From the manufacturing alone, the CV joint are known to be trouble free most of the time and doesn't need constant replacement because it is made durable for its purpose. Still, through a length or mileage usually after 50,000 or so, the constant velocity joints are said to be changed for this is the time where it usually deters from natural wear, unless some other element caused its much earlier destruction. At times when you need to replace it, Parts Train is the best place from where you should get your Saab CV joint part because you are assured here that what you get are of high quality with just the right type for your Saab car. Browse around the catalog and search for the exact type or model of your Saab vehicle to find the perfect match for your Saab CV joint parts need.