Your Pontiac CV joints are little parts of your vehicle's suspension system which work real hard to give you top driving performance. Their size should never be taken as determinants of their capability and function in your auto. Every CV joint has a big role to play in your Pontiac drive. What each does is to allow the rotation of the shaft in order to transmit power through a variable angle. This must be done at a constant rotational speed without any increase in friction or play.

In general, every constant velocity or CV joint is a reliable vehicular part. It does not usually encounter any problem as opposed to other parts found in your auto. In extreme cases when this part fails, the failure can usually be attributed to wearing and partial seizure. Wearing in the outer joint will usually show up as a vibration on certain speeds, somewhat the same to the effect being given by an unbalanced wheel. To find out if the joint is really worn-out, you must pay attention to a clicking and a cracking noise when you try to drive your Pontiac. The wear in the inner joint, on the other hand, typically shows up as a clunk when applying power, or in extreme cases, when lifting off the throttle.

The seizures that your vehicle can experience will cause a strange pattering sensation in your Pontiac suspension. That pattering sensation can be roughly described as similar to the sound of quick steps that you take. This is typically caused by the overheating of the joint, which is in turn a usual result when the outer joint gaiter of boot tears or splits, allowing for the joints to throw out the grease that is contained with it. Actually, these occurrences can be avoided once you anticipate or notice beforehand that this is about to happen. You just simply clean the joints carefully, repack them with grease, and then replace the gaiter. There are a number of kits which include the grease, the gaiter, and the retaining clips. These are available from most manufacturers, and you will not have any problem getting one.

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