Are you having difficulties making turns when driving your once high performing Plymouth model? Along with it, do you hear a loud clicking noise that is audible enough to cause alarm? These symptoms call for a checkup on the parts under your vehicle. Clicking sounds which are loud enough for you to hear and accompanied with difficulty in the left and right turning are major signs that your auto is having problems with the internal joint in the drive shaft. This internal joint is known as your Plymouth CV joint.

The Plymouth constant velocity joint is the joint that is found at the ends of the drive shaft. It is installed to transfer torque to the wheels as they are steered, all while allowing the up and down motion of the suspension system. With a set of CV joints in your auto, smooth driving is possible. Vehicles with failing CV joints are characterized with the ones that you are experiencing: audible clicking noises with the turns and steers that you make.

The CV joints are made of two parts, the inner and the outer joints. The inner CV joints are located at the inner end of the drive shaft, making a contact with the transmission. The outer CV joints, on the other hand, are the ones that you see concealed with the CV boots when you take a peek under your auto at the inner area of the wheels. The Plymouth CV joints are vital parts that need no maintenance at all, just the protection of the CV boots in each.

These vital internal joints are classified under two types: the tripod type and the ball type joints. The tripod types are commonly used in the inner joints while the ball types are used in the outer joints. Plymouth CV joints are needless of maintenance other than the protection and concealment offered by the CV boots. These boots will expose the grease that is packed with the joints once they get damaged, inviting unwanted elements that may risk the CV joints' structure and the rest of the drive shaft. When such happens, replace the CV boot and replenish the grease pack. But, if the damage in the CV joint is already beyond repair, replacing it will be the best thing to do.

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