Looking at the suspension system, there are various vital parts that work hand-in-hand to deliver outstanding driving condition and handling. Among the most notable parts include the springs, shocks, pistons, and bearings. The fact that they work hand-in-hand, deterioration of a single part can influence the operation of the whole assembly. That is why regular maintenance is always a necessary undertaking for every car owner. Another part that accomplishes a crucial role in the suspension system is the Oldsmobile CV joint. Compared to other suspension parts, however, CV joints may require replacement during the rarest occasion.

The primary task of a CV joint is to transfer torque at constant rate to assist in the suspension's task of reducing spring movements. If the springs are continuously operate without the necessary dampening product installed, the tires and other parts will easily wear. The constant spring action is due to the uneven road plain. Bumps will cause vertical acceleration to the suspension and bring an uneasy ride to the vehicle's occupants. The joints are attached at each end of the drive shaft with a rubber or plastic lid called the CV boot. The CV boot, or boot only, is the sole responsible in keeping the grease well intact for the use of the joint. The grease keeps the joint lubricated which is well needed to guarantee that the joint does not easily deteriorate from its constant activity.

Four-wheel driven cars and most rear-wheel drive trucks and cars employ the use of CV joints. To explain clearly how the joint operates, consider the drive shaft as an example. Once the shaft spins to transmit power, the joint manages the rotational movement while reducing friction and spring action. In short, it allows the suspension to work more efficiently by allowing the wheels to turn rapidly at the same time providing the shocks and springs with enhanced functionality.

Nowadays, there are two types of CV joints usually found in modern vehicles. They are the ball type and the tripod type. The ball type is located on the outer side of the drive shaft which varies greatly depending on where it is situated. The tripod type is situated on the inner side of the drive shaft. All of these CV joints require least maintenance task, and so, they rarely get replaced. But in case you need replacement, visit Parts Train. Our inventory is well stocked with top-of-the-line Oldsmobile CV joints that boast excellence and superiority. Simply opt for the auto part you need in Parts Train's catalog and we'll have them shipped to you right away.