While there are components that suffer from early wear and tear, there are some that often lasts as long as the vehicle is still running. One of such part is your Nissan CV joint. The CV joint is made durable enough to withstand any condition and may not need any replacement provided that the CV boot does not deteriorate. It is an essential component of the suspension designed to offer steady transfer of power and to facilitate in reducing spring movement. It is rare that the joint gets replaced, but when such circumstance occurs, replacement parts can be easily acquired across local auto parts dealers and online stores.

The CV joints or constant velocity joints are utilized in transferring torque at even speed to aid in the suspension task of reducing spring action. They are mounted at each end of a drive shaft. Packed with grease and a rubber or plastic covering or boot, you will see CV joints mostly in four-wheel drive cars, and in most rear-wheel driven cars and trucks. When the shaft spins to transmit power, the joint facilitates the rotational movement with minimum friction and lesser spring action that results in better acceleration and lighter handling.

Most of the cars today use two forms of CV joints, which are the ball type and the tripod type. On the outer side of the drive shaft, different kinds of ball joints are employed, while on the inner side, tripod type CV joints are used. Transmission joints are generally strong and durable to last long, thus often require the least of maintenance task. One of the cases that require replacement of the part is when it gets corroded due to leaked CV boot. When the boot is damaged and has leaks, grease will pour out and contaminants will significantly affect transmission.

When the CV joint starts to fail because of lack of lubricant, noises in the wheels will soon be heard, especially when making a turn. Leaking CV boot can induce moisture and dirt into the assembly, allowing damage to set in the CV joint. Replacing the CV boot and reequipping the joints with fresh grease may fix the problem. When disregarded, however, not only that it will cause less efficient transmission, the CV joint and the whole of the driveshaft will break down.

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