For a well-built vehicle, you must invest with a well crafted Mercedes Benz CV joint to get back the performance and efficiency of your stock joints. Available for specific vehicle applications, it makes an ideal direct-fit replacement matching OEM specifications for strength and durability. With high grade and durable construction, the product ensures long lasting and reliable service in ensuring seamless transmission and smooth engine mechanisms resulting to an unmatched driving and riding experience designed by Mercedes Benz engineers for you to enjoy.

Get back the handling characteristics of your ride with high quality factory equivalents of your stock CV joints. As it functions in transferring torque to your wheels, you must keep the part in top notch working conditions to eliminate the risks of failure. Once you notice wear and tear, you must immediately find replacement so as not to compromise safety and performance. With routine check and maintenance, you can extend the life efficiency of your Mercedes CV joint yielding miles and miles of seamless transmission and huge savings on less frequent part replacement.

There are two types of CV joints that can be found on your drive shaft ends. The ball-type joints are located at the inboard end where the shaft moves up or down due to suspension movements resisting spring action to delivering much improved comfort levels. At the outboard ends, you can find the tripod-type joint where it is secured in place by a circlip against vibrations. Transmission joints are often rigid and durable. What commonly renders them to be damaged are harmful contaminants and moisture.

CV joints are protected by CV boots. They pack your CV joints with grease or lubricant that minimizes friction and daily wear or tear. Proper greasing is important to efficiently flush away dirt and debris which may brew in damages. Once the boots get cracked or ripped, the part is left vulnerable to damages. Water or moisture intrusion may be possible may happen and ruin your grease and induce corrosion. Be wary of the tell tale signs that indicates an already damaged CV joint to eliminate the risks of failure. Running with a worn joint is a major safety hazard while compromising the handling characteristics of your vehicle.

The product delivers the needed power to your wheel enabling you to maneuver safely over varying road conditions. With proper maintenance, you can extend the life efficiency of your stock CV joints. Once you already notice increased vibrations and strange pattering, immediately find replacements. Parts Train is a reliable source of CV joint replacement carrying wide applications selections for Mercedes Benz CV joint. Go on and seal your CV joint deals with us for we are open all day and all week to serve you better in completing your automotive needs right at your fingertips.