The drivetrain of your Kia is responsible for providing you solid drivability and stable road mobility. It is made up of high performance components such as the CV axle shaft assembly that works in delivering engine power to the road's surface. This assembly fulfills the demanding role of transmitting torque to the wheels while turning and as the suspension moves up and down. The CV axle shaft assembly includes the CV shaft, boot, and the Kia CV joint. These are outfitted on front—wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles, wherein one shaft assembly is used per side. The CV joint employs a rotating shaft to transfer power into a variable angle at fixed rotational speed and without causing an increase in friction or play.

The Kia CV joint is made up if the inner and outer joints. The inner CV joint slides in and out to allow adjustments in the overall length of the shaft assembly. This adjustment is necessary when doing some modifications in suspension travel and rid height. The major portion of the shaft links the outer CV joint. The outer joint is made to provide smooth torque transfer, even when the wheels are abruptly turned. This way, you can have full vehicle control and firm road traction. Both the inner and outer joints are geared with a protective boot.

The best way of keeping the life and efficiency of your Kia CV joint is by having it routinely checked and maintained. Most commonly, the first thing that wears out is its protective boot. This is easily punctured and damaged from rocks, ice, and sticks and also as it ages, its efficiency also declines. A cracked boot can allow the grease inside the joint to leak out and dirt and moisture to enter. This poses grave harm to the joints since rust can build up as well as it can be damaged due to lack of lubrication. This will require you to replace both the boot and the joint for best restoration.

The Kia CV joint is precision engineered to provide a perfect fit and features to all Kia models. This is made from highly durable materials to assure you its performance, long life, and reliability at all conditions. This will directly replace your stock OEM joint and will function better than the original.

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