Since 1902, International has been one of the leading manufacturers of several service vehicles, mid-rage diesel engines, heavy trucks, medium trucks, parts and services that has partnered with Navistar Company, the largest dealer network in North America. The widespread appeal of International products had made it reach through a network of nearly 1,000 outlets in Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, and more than 60 dealers in 90 countries across the globe. This can be attributed to their commitment in producing products that is equipped with state of the art technologies such as advanced ergonomics and emissions technology to bring more satisfaction to their truck and engine end users.

The state of the art trucks manufactured by International would not have gained its reputation if not for its remarkable features. One of the remarkable features of your International truck is the suspension system which maintains the correct vehicle ride height, reducing the effect of hock forces, keeping the tires in contact with the road, and controls the vehicle's direction of travel. The suspension system is composed of several elements, and one of these is the International CV joint. This suspension system component can be found connected to the end of a drive shaft in all front-wheel drive cars.

The International CV joint or constant velocity joint accommodates the up and down motions of the suspension as well as transferring the torque at a constant speed to the steered wheel. Modern car are equipped with either two basic varieties of CV joints: the ball type joints which can be found on the outer end of the driveshaft, and the tripod joints which can be found on the inner end. International CV joints are usually trouble free and reliable. However, sticks, rocks, and ice can damage your CV joints prematurely. A clicking noise when turning is one indication that you have a worn out International CV joint.

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